Emily Butler


I started out as a swimmer, transitioned to Performing Arts, and can say that ending up in a fitness based career was never the plan. But now I think it is the best natural path I could have ever created for myself.

I have been resistance training for 4 years now, mostly following a Power-Building approach. Competing is a massive passion of mine – I am currently 3 Powerlifting competitions down and looking forward to my bodybuilding debut in the next few years.

Something I preach to my clients is that I was once in your shoes and very intimidated by the “weights area” at the gym. Having said that, here is what I can offer you:

    Constant support & education around your programming.
    Female specific coaching – your programme can be adapted for your time of the month, as well as for pre and post natal.
    A guarantee of improved confidence and body image over the continuing period we work together.
    A female support group on Facebook & Whatsapp.

All of this I provide alongside bespoke programming, spreadsheet tracking, and nutritional help. I look forward to working with you and using the brilliant new space that is JC Strength Academy to our advantage.