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The Strength Academy

Whatever your fitness goal we help you achieve it!

The Strength Academy


We have created a space with top of the range equipment that can cater to many different goals. That said, strength is at the centre of everything we aim to achieve. Whether you are aiming to lose/gain weight, rehabilitate an injury, improve physical performance, prepare for a healthy future, or simply become more confident in a gym environment; nothing is more empowering than physical strength.
The Strength Academy is so called because we want to provide a place with specialist training that is suitable for everybody. The Academy represents the fact that no one comes to the gym as the finished product, but as part of a developmental process. Whatever your goal we hope to help you achieve it through innovative and appropriate training techniques, education, and a supportive community.

The Vision

Our goal is to build a community where members and coaches can learn from one and another and support each other towards collective self-improvement. Alongside our open gym hours, we will provide free programmes for members, group exercise classes, bookable courses that will guide you towards positive changes in strength, posture, movement, and health. We will also host events that will supplement this process through hands on learning applicable to both invested trainees and fitness professionals. We also have a highly qualified Nutritionist on board to promote a holistic approach to health and performance.


What we offer:

  • Top of the range equipment for Powerlifting and Weightlifting

  • Individual and small group coaching from a number of highly qualified, experienced, and friendly coaches

  • A supportive community-based training environment

  • FREE programmes for our members

  • Consultations

  • Educational seminars for general public and Personal Trainers

  • Events (affiliated and unaffiliated Powerlifting/Weightlifting Competitions)

  • Lots of doggos!

About JC

"Having spent a decade in coaching I understand the impact that proper training can have on the quality of someone’s life. Improving physical competency is extremely empowering, whether that is movement, strength, or physique based.

I have been constantly learning throughout 10 years of education and a lifetime of training and have worked with a huge range of clients under many fantastic mentors. Whether a professional athlete or someone who has never trained, I have experience in creating long term positive change with a variety of methods. An overall goal I have for each client is to help them understand the athletic potential that everyone has. "

Jon Clarke