“Jon has been programming my work for a couple of years and during this time I have seen significant gains in both strength and muscle. I think the results speak for themselves! A passionate and enthusiastic coach, Jon has also helped to improve my technique and continues to be the primary source of wisdom and motivation in our club. He is a real asset. ”


"JC has helped me improve my technique on all three lifts and achieve new personal bests! His knowledge of the sport is amazing and for every problem I’ve come across he’s had the answer! I highly recommend him as a strength coach and personal trainer. "


“Jon has coached me from when I started powerlifting. He has helped me to improve my movement, and posture whilst making me stronger at every lift. He has been extremely supportive and his understanding of both the psychology and physiology of training is second to none.”


“I couldn't imagine a better representative of the sport of powerlifting. Lovely bloke, and I think I just learned more about technique in one hour than I have with all the other trainers combined. "


As a coach and now a friend, Jon has been a pleasure to work with and I will continue to work with him as long as I am powerlifting. He creates high quality, well thought out, personalised programs which, if followed correctly, will allow you to achieve your goals.As a coach and now a friend, Jon has been a pleasure to work with and I will continue to work with him as long as I am powerlifting. He creates high quality, well thought out, personalised programs which, if followed correctly, will allow you to achieve your goals.”


Having Jon and his partner, Jo, coach me for the last 3 years has seen extraordinary progress. When I first started, the main thing we worked on was technique. Jon would find any weaknesses I had and give me exercises to improve them. Constant training advice has helped tremendously with my training, nutrition, and overall progress. Jon and Jo have given me sessions that have pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of, but they would never give me anything that I couldn’t do or wouldn’t benefit me.”


“I started to work with Jon after the birth of my second daughter, when the pain that I was in was having a huge impact on my daily life.

I have suffered with pain for many years, and I have seen a multitude of medical professionals who have never found a cause. They have offered medication but never looked to treat the symptoms.

Jon's understanding of movement and the techniques and exercises that he uses, have finally allowed me to be pain-free in a way that I had never even hoped. I am finally able to enjoy the practical side of parenting again, and as I have two young daughters to chase after, I will never be able to fully express how much that means to me.

I have seen other benefits from my training with Jon, such as losing weight and feeling stronger. Previously these would have been my main goals for excercise, however I now find myself going in each week, overjoyed to tell Jon how I have finally been able to undertake seemingly normal tasks such as standing up from the floor, as these now mean the most to me!

I can not recommend Jon highly enough. He is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, and without a doubt, exercising with Jon has been the most beneficial decision I have ever made for my pain and physical health”


“ I’ve been on countless programmes in the 4 years I’ve been jumping around in gyms, playing around with various disciplines, and I’ve never stuck to the plan because I’ve never fully trusted the coach/program. I trust this dude 100%. I trust that the programme is for me and only me. I trust that it’s all in my best interests.
I bother him on a nearly daily basis, and he tirelessly deals with me and all his other athletes. He has been invaluable to me at competitions; I honestly couldn’t have done any of it without the support he gave me. Thankyou JC for the support you gave me, and all your other athletes. We really do think the world of you!"


“I have been training with Jon for a year and gone from never lifting a weight to competing and winning a National Powerlifting Competition. I do functional strength training session with Jon and wish this type of training had been available in my competitive swimming and marathon running days as I can see how beneficial it would have been to my overall performance. Being a slightly older athlete and aware of injury Jon’s methods have built an overall strength and as a consequence reduced the risk of injury. I highly recommend Jon and after years of being coached in sport he is definitely one of the best.”


“ In my early 60s I have battled with my weight for many years and it was starting to impact on my mobility. Having been to many personal trainers they would generally push me to the point where I would dread going and then eventually stop going or get an injury. All that changed when I started strength training with Jon. He was not interested in a short-term fix and set about a program for the long term. The difference is that I am seeing the results of the training and am motivated to keep going to the next level. Don’t get me wrong: Jon’s training sessions are challenging; however, I leave the gym feeling a sense of achievement and not dread of needing to return.
Jon is a credit to his profession and anyone considering personal training should make him their first call.”


“Having realised that no amount of cardio was going to help me tone up i started looking for a PT. Jon had impressive qualifications and looked friendly so I booked an intro session and haven't looked back!

We've been doing traditional lifting which I'm surprised to say that I love. Moving heavy weight is really satisfying and strangely addictive. I can't wait to see where we will end up with this.

Jon has also taught me loads of cool stuff about how the human body is designed to move and putting that into practice in the gym with kit like tornado balls and rolling ropes makes for a really varied and interesting programme.

There is seemingly no end to Jon's knowledge and expertise, he's really approachable and friendly, fun to train with, and gets results. I'm feeling stronger thanI ever have in my life and I'm enjoying exercise which is a win-win for me!"


“I’ve been training strongman consistently for several years and recently my training progress had hit a wall. My lifts were progressing at a very slow rate and I found myself constantly recovering from, or training around, persistent injuries and pains. I came to Jon for programming hoping to achieve two things: get my numbers moving up again and fix several nagging issues that were holding me back from really pushing myself. Currently, I am feeling stronger and healthier than I have in a very long time. Jon’s programs have addressed very specific issues in my lifting and introduced me to new challenging exercises I never would have programmed for myself. I’ve been pushed further than I would have if I was training myself, and at the same time, held back in areas where I would typically push too far and the difference has been noticeable since early on.Aside from the program itself, Jon has been fantastic at answering my many questions, provided comprehensive video instructions when I cannot see him in person, and adjusted the program based on session to session feedback to combat injury potential before it happens. The process has introduced a whole new level of awareness and proactivity to my training. I’m excited for every training session and could not recommend Jon’s programming more!


“Training under Jon’s expertise has been the best investment I could have made. I began powerlifting as a lone wolf and thought I could continue progressing alone, so I was very sceptical about hiring a coach. Within 6 weeks I was hitting my 1RMs for reps and my confidence was soaring, and within 4 months I had added 46kg to my SBD total. Everything in training has a purpose, so we get the biggest results possible from the least amount of work – this means less volume, lower intensity, and more rest than I was ever giving myself previously. Jon has also helped me to process the emotional side of lifting, which means my temper tantrums are now far fewer and further between! One year down and we’re only just beginning – here’s to many more months of progress!"


“When I started working with Jon I had been suffering with debilitating shoulder pain for 3 years. I had been seeing a variety of professionals in that period with no improvement. My work, sleep, and exercise hobbies were negatively affected by this. A few short weeks after working with Jon I experienced significant improvement in my symptoms. Since then we have continued to make progress and now my shoulder is totally comfortable and stronger than ever. Jon saved me hundreds of pounds on appointments and scans with other professionals and I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with ongoing pain or weakness."


"As a coach, Jon has helped me massively with my training and has continued to help me achieve all my goals each cycle. He is always available for any concerns I have and comes up with a solution to any issues that arise throughout my program. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He coaches a range of athletes at all abilities but treats us all equally. He gives positive feedback as well as being able to quickly pick up anything that needs correcting and explains this in detail so that we understand. He is a massive support on competition days and he has very quickly made me feel part of the team. Thanks Jon!"