FREE for members to use as a training resource. Request can be made via email. We offer free inductions to demonstrate the use of equipment and answer questions. Bespoke programming is also available through specific request from our PTs at a range of costs.

Intro Strength

This programme is suitable for someone who is brand new to a gym and looking to develop basic movement competency with exercises that are simple to set up and easy to execute.

Basic Strength

This programme is designed for someone familiar with basic gym movements and is looking to develop a base level of strength.


This is an 8 week programme designed specifically for someone looking to increase their maximum strength in Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. This can be used in the run up to a competition. The programme includes resources for lifters including RPE/% calculators and attempt selectors.

Athlete Strength

This programme includes a range of exercises looking to make use of the unique equipment available at the Strength Academy. It will develop a range of physical qualities including strength, power, and athleticism.


This programme provides a structured progression for your cardio workouts to optimise all energy systems. The approach laid out here is designed to prevent you getting tired; rather than simply learning to endure fatigue


This programme focuses on the Weightlifting movements of Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. It will allow you the opportunity to practice and hone technique whilst also developing strength and power to put more weight overhead.

Fluid Strength

This is the only programme which is not free to members. This is due to the necessity for in depth coaching in order to realise its benefits. This is the ultimate programme for reaching your full potential of human movement. Strength, athleticism, balance, power, and coordination are all part of the process. Message to find out more.

Taster workouts!

Dynamic Kettlebell Workout

This advanced routine shows the potential for training qualities like strength and flexibility simultaneously with many other benefits besides. The principles used here are scalable even for complete novice trainees. Our Kettlebell Class runs on Mondays at 1pm.

Rolling Rope Flow

Rolling Rope is an incredibly versatile practice that is fun and rewarding to learn. It is a great shoulder and core workout, and can be used for intensive cardio and mobility benefits. Our Rolling Rope Class run on Fridays at 7am.