Jo Clarke


 I first stepped into the gym with no athletic experience about eight years ago looking to get fitter and found myself in the cardio area where I span my wheels running on the treadmill for a long time. Eventually, I was introduced to deadlifting where the real changes in my physique and mindset started. Focusing on performance rather than aesthetic related goals gave me a greater appreciation for my body and what it could achieve.

This led me to begin competing in Powerlifting, where I have performed and refereed at both National and International competitions. My love for the barbell extended to trying Weightlifting and I have since become a qualified coach through British Weightlifting, specialising in helping beginners. My journey with the barbell, however, has not been smooth or easy and this gives me a broad perspective on problem solving different issues for clients. At first, I could not squat to depth or bench press even an empty bar largely due to poor posture among other things. Exploring and learning movement principles beyond the basic demands of powerlifting and weightlifting has made me into a versatile coach. No matter your standard, I know first-hand how to manage many small steps to create enormous progress for you over time.

What can Jo offer you...

    121 or small group coaching
    Personalised programming
    Online coaching and video assessment
    Short format sessions for quick technical check-ins
    All goals welcome whether performance, athletic, aesthetic, or other 
    Competition prep and handling 
    Education and empowerment to handle your own training